Our Programme 2018

Our Programme 2018

March 6th 

S.S. Great Britain.

by Ian  Caskie.

Listen to the history of Brunel’s  famous ship, from its first voyage, to when it was a wreck in the Falkland Isles, then, brought back to its birthplace, Bristol, where restoration was started. This great ship now sits in the dock where she began life in 1843.

April 3rd 

Battle of Nibley Green.

by Peter Fleming.

The last battle fought in England between private armies. Listen to how the confrontation between Thomas Talbot 2nd Viscount Lisle and William Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley, finally resolved itself.

May 1st

Every Boy will join the Navy.

by Shirley Hodgson.

H.M.S. Formidable was an 84 gun second rate of the Royal Navy, launched in 1825. She became a training ship, leased from the Navy, to train young boys as seamen and was berthed at Portishead.

June 5th  

Killed in a Coalmine.

by Pat Lindegaard.

Listen to local historian, Pat Lindegaard, tell the story of her book entitled “Killed in a Coalmine”.

July 3rd

History of Parnalls , Yate.

by David Hardill.

Initially shop fitters, Parnall & Sons started to manufacture aircraft in Park Row.  Later the aircraft business split from the parent company to be known as George Parnall and Company, in the 1920’s aircraft manufacture was centralised at Yate, close to an airfield used by the Royal Flying Corps.

Aug 7th 

Ration Books to Rock’n Roll.

by Terry-Merrett-Smith.

Sept 4th 

Images of Change from the 1930’s.

by Mike Britton.

Changes in domestic social life have been recorded from the 1930’s and how these affected the way of life, it’s a walk down memory lane on how we used to live.

Oct 2nd  

The Newport Medieval Ship.

by Phil Cox.

The Newport ship is a fifteenth century sailing vessel discovered in 2002 in the city of Newport, originally 116 feet long suggest she was capable of continental voyages.

Nov 6th 

Bishops Knoll, World War 1 Hospital.

by Professor Chris Stephans.

Dec 4th

A.G.M and American Supper  Entertainment , Quiz.